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Help needed


MSAL has been assisting one of our MS Patient with the building of her house, through funds collected from donations. She is now in need of more funds to complete the house. She requires a main door and 2 living room windows, 2 windows for the two bedrooms and one for the kitchen. She has sent us an estimate for Rs. 165, 000/- which is the total costfor all of them.

Further, the house requires plastering, which will cost Rs. 105,000/-.

At present she is living there with her child in an unfinished house devoid of doors and windows.

We are looking for donors to cover these costs so that she will be able to have the house completed soon. Even a small amount of money would make a big difference towards collecting the total funds required. We look forward to your generous contributions.

Anyone who is interested donating towards this worthy cause could do so in the following manners:

1) Directly deposit the money into the MSAL account and email a copy of the deposit slip together with your name and address, so that we could send you a receipt.

Account details:-

Multiple Sclerosis Association of Lanka

Account No: 1100037477

Commercial Bank of Ceylon

Reid Avenue Branch.



2)  Send a crossed cheque made in favour of “Multiple Sclerosis Association of Lanka” by post to No: 144, Vipulasena Mawatha, Colombo 10.


3) By Contacting us via email : or by post.

We thank you in advance for your generous contribution.