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Multiple Sclerosis Association of Lanka (MSAL)

MSAL is a group of volunteers consisting of Doctors, people with MS and their carers and well wishers. It is a non profit distributing company incorporated in Sri Lanka, incorporated in 2006. The sole interest of MSAL is to look after the welfare of the patients with Multiple Sclerosis in Sri Lanka.

Although there are many patients in Sri Lanka with Multiple Sclerosis they have not been diagnosed due to lack of awareness about the disease and its symptoms. Many of our patients are from low socioeconomic status. They are mostly unemployed, due to their disabilities, and are cared for by family members. The families of these patients, especially school going children, are facing immense hardship. There is no support from the government for these patients at present. Our objective is to provide support to these MS Patients and to canvass State support for the MS patients in Sri Lanka.

We conduct meetings at least one a quarter for our patients and caregivers in both Colombo and Kandy, to which we invite a guest speaker to address issues relating to this condition. They include, doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists. It provides both the patient and the caregiver the opportunity to share there experiences and learn from others.  Meetings are held in Colombo and Kandy.

The MSAL was set up with the aim of improving the lives of people living with MS in Sri Lanka by assisting them and their care givers through professional advice, counselling and home visits, house adaptations, sponsorship of drugs etc.