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Patients needs

Most patients require wheel chairs, elbow crutches, walkers, special mattresses and beds. They also require assistance to purchase basic drugs which they require in their day to day lives. Most of the people with MS require physiotherapy treatment, which is inaccessible to them due to financial constraints and difficulty to reach hospitals as they live in remote villages. Most often they do not have anyone to assist them for such visits. They also require counseling to come to terms with their symptoms and disabilities.

At the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Lanka we try to link donors to the needs of specific patients for a pre-determined time period. Alternative, donations could be made to the common pool where the funds are collected and then distributed to people with MS according to their needs. MSAL monitors all such funds paid to these MS Patients.

No matter how much or how little you may give, it is a great help to our patients.

How you can help

  1. Make a monthly donation of a specific sum of money for a time period specified by you.
  2. Fund the purchase of specific equipment required by patients such as wheelchairs, elbow crutches etc.
  3. Assistance towards modifying the homes of people with MS Patients to make it differently-abled friendly (such as installing handrails, ramps, modification of toilets to enable wheelchair access etc.)
  4. Assistance to build houses for the MS Patients where the breadwinner is an MS Patient.
  5. Assistance towards the education of the children of MS Patients, particularly where the breadwinner is an MS Patient.
  6. Assistance towards the living expenses of low-income MS Patients either monthly or as a one-off payment.
  7. General one-off donations to be disbursed to patients identified by us for specific needs.
  8. Donations to the general fund, which is used throughout the year to assist patients to purchase medicines, vitamins and various other items.
  9. Assistance by finding employment for MS Patients particularly the young patients.

All donations MUST be made through us to the patients. So that we could monitor the payments and its use where possible.

Donations could be made in the following manner:

  • Cheque - crossed and made in favour of “Multiple Sclerosis Association of Lanka” and given directly to us or sent by post to our office at No: 144, Vipulasena Mawatha, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka. (Please do not visit this office without a prior appointment as it is run by one of our MS patients who may or may not be at the venue. Please call +94-(0)77731-9333).
  • Direct deposit - Depositing directly to our bank account at the Commercial Bank of Ceylon plc, , Reid Avenue Branch, account No:1100037477, SWIFT Code: CCEYLKLX and sending a copy of the receipt together with your name and address by post to the address mentioned in (1) above or by email to coordinator – (This is necessary to send you a receipt for your donation).
  • By Contacting us via email : or by post.

The Account Books of MSAL are audited annually by:

D H P Munaweera & Co, Chartered Accountants,

No: 5/6, Police Park Terrace Colombo 5, Sri Lanka.

MSAL, is a Non-Profit Distributing Guarantee Company regulated by the Registrar of Companies, Sri Lanka (Registration No: G(A) 419. We are currently in the process of obtaining Charity Status.